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Dear Parents,

Welcome to EDEN!   This website was built especially for you and your child. It is my goal to help you understand, cope with, and most of all, see beyond your child's hearing loss. 

The information on this website should be a supplement to the professional care you are hopefully receiving from your audiologist, physician and others. 

During the day, I am a mild mannered audiologist for and consultant for the hearing care industry.  At all times, I am the proud father of a Deaf son and a hearing daughter.  I have dedicated myself to providing information and on-going support for you and your child. Prior to becoming an audiologist, I worked as a Sign Language interpreter and have been an active member of local, state and national associations for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for over 15 years.

Hearing loss in children is considered by many to be a misfortune. With the proper intervention, however, it needn't limit your child's ability to learn, communicate or, most of all, to experience and enjoy all that life has to offer. 

Enough sadness! Time to roll up your sleeves and learn to see your child through new eyes. Eyes that understand the truth about hearing loss, hearing aids, and the vast horizons open to your child. Eyes that look beyond the loss, and see the kid living and playing within your child. Eyes that look into the mirror each day without guilt, confident  that all that could be done, has been done.  Eyes that see endless possibility and success reflected in that twinkle in your little one's eyes, as you two playfully rub noses at story time.

 Understanding and acceptance are journeys, not destinations. I hope this website not only sets you off on the right foot, but remains with you as you learn and grow with your child.  I offer myself as a partner on these journeys.   Acting first as a guide,  I will teach you about anatomy, hearing aids, language and educational options. As time passes, I will learn from your experiences and share that knowledge with parents in the future. I hope to build  a network of audiologists, teachers and others who will be able to support you in your area.

 Off we go then, out of the dark, and into the light of knowledge. Together let's gather a team to allow your child to become the best they can be!

 Very truly yours,

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Brad Ingrao, Editor


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Last modified: December 03, 2006